The idea of taking your yoga practice beyond regular classes may seem intimidating, but rest assured that Yoga Movement Academy (YMA) has programs tailored to boost your performance to the next level, wherever your starting point may be. 

If you're a Newbie or have just stopped labelling yourself as one, consider a Level Up as a stepping stone to your best practice. If not, and you wish to delve deeper than the physical practice, an Essential Level Yoga Movement Teacher Training (YMTT) is our take on what teacher trainings should be... i.e. teaching you how to be a great teacher. 

Keen to get going with YMA? Read on to understand the differences between the programs on offer, and drop any questions in the "Find Out More" section of any upcoming event.


What exactly will I learn?

In a Level Up, you'll learn how to work into peak postures and/or work specific muscle groups. It's a specialised and extended practice that will expand on learnings from your regular classes, allowing you to Level Up.

In an Essential Level YMTT, you'll learn the ins and outs of teaching Yoga Movement classes, to Yoga Movement standards. To that end, you'll study what it means to do yoga... the YM Way, the anatomy of yoga, how to sequence and instruct classes, and how to adjust for hot/non-hot classes. 


I know which program makes sense for me, but what are the schedules like?

Level Ups are two-hour practices, plain and simple. These Specialty Classes are held regularly at all YM locations.

The Essential Level YMTT is a 5 week, semi-intensive program. You'll complete 3 yoga classes at your convenience on weekdays, then have intensive Saturdays and Sundays filled with practices, debriefs, meals, and lectures. 

Who will be teaching me?
Each Level Up session is run by one teacher, with one assistant teacher to help you make modifications as you move through your practice. 

Throughout an Essential Level YMTT, YM teachers take turns leading or assisting your practices and lectures, according to their areas of expertise. 

How do I get graded?
Level Ups aren't graded, they are what you make of them.

Essential Level YMTT final marks break down to: 10% Participation, 30% Theory Exam, and 60% Practical Exam. Remember, though... this program is about ensuring graduates can teach well, so it is possible to fail. 

So far so good... how much does it cost, though?
You can deduct two classes from your class package, or pay $60, inclusive of GST, to attend a Level Up. 

The Essential Level YMTT program is $2,500, inclusive of GST. You can pay in full, or make a $500 deposit to secure your spot and pay the remainder by your program's cut-off date. Find out more about the perks below. 


So, this is a 200 Hour YTT?
At YM, we believe in quality over quantity. Even though participation is a factor in graduating, we don't believe in sitting you in a room for 'x' amount of hours to gain a result. The Essential Level YMTT will have you accredited as a YMA certified teacher, something that holds its own weight, especially since you can fail the course! 

What's a day-in-the-life like?
This is a work hard, play hard process with rad course takeaways to boot. Included in your course fees are first-rate textbooks, food and drinks catered by Grounded, a YMA canvas tote, a YMA coffee mug, and some killer yoga shots! On top of it all, you'll also have access to unlimited yoga classes across all Yoga Movement studios for the duration of your 5 week YMTT!

What happens when I graduate?
When you're Essential Level YMTT-certified, you have our confidence in your ability to teach YM classes to YM standards. Whether you decide to pursue teaching or use your learning to further your own practice, you'll have the skill set to always keep improving. 


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