So you’ve thought about actually becoming a yoga teacher, or simply want to deepen your practice by taking on the Yoga Movement Academy’s (YMA) Teacher Training Program? Kudos! We are here to shine-a-light on exactly what’s gonna go down in YMTT200, remembering that this program is about You. It’s Your time, Your Investment, and Your hard work. We’re here to show you the ropes, educate and inspire; all while honing in on the reality of yoga and it’s many moving parts.

We designed the 200HR Yoga Movement Teacher Training (YMTT200) to ring true with what YM stands for: that’d be accessibility, quality service and good people. Throughout the 9 week(end) time-frame, you will be taught the various modules by specific instructors that are not just professionally involved, but personally dedicated to those areas.

We have buddied up with the International Standard for Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Alliance (Y.A.), to ensure our graduates can apply the Academy’s learnings wherever their teaching takes them.

This info below is designed to give you the low-down so you can make an informed decision. If you don’t find the answers to your questions here, just ask. You’re looking for the right Academy. We’re looking for the right students – it's time to get moving...


YM is about lifestyle, and you're a big part of that:

·      Take your teaching to an international level with the Yoga Alliance (Y.A.) accreditation.

·      We've specially curated a 120-page, in-house designed YMTT200 manual for you to take your learnings home.

·      Our partner, Common Man Coffee Roasters, along with the YMA team have carefully designed one rather schmick food menu to keep you nourished throughout the journey. 

·      FREE unlimited classes throughout the course, and an extra month to get a head start if you make full payment at least 4-weeks before your YMTT200 start date!

·      20% off all in-studio retail over the 9-week period.


What is YMTT200 all about?

The 200HR Yoga Movement Teacher Training, or YMTT200 as we call it, is a 9-week, semi-intensive program that trains students to be great yoga teachers. Graduates of YMTT200 will step out of the program ready to teach classes by Yoga Movement standards. 

YMTT200 covers all traditional Teacher Training topics, and has additional modules and activities that help you develop the soft skills and practical experience needed to teach safe, multi-levelled yoga classes, across several class styles.

On weekends, you will be studying curated course materials, taking lectures, and jumping into exercises to understand the full scope of being a great teacher. You will also attend a minimum of 2 YM classes over the weekdays to supplement weekend learnings, at your convenience.

This program is hard work, but the radder parts of YM Life are alive and well all along the way. Unlimited yoga classes, exclusive YM course materials, brunches, coffees, and pro yoga shots are all part of the process!

Is YMTT200 Yoga Alliance accredited? 

Yes, YMTT200 is an internationally recognised Yoga Teacher Training certification, accredited by Yoga Alliance. The hours clocked in during YMTT200 can contribute to your greater Yoga Alliance accrual of experiences and are recognised around the world. For more information on Yoga Alliance, you can visit their website at www.yogaalliance.org/


Who will be teaching me? 

YMTT200 is led by YM teachers, who have been carefully selected based on their experience and expertise in respect to our course topics. Much like any other profession, our teachers like to specialise in different areas and the variety in offering keeps things interesting and engaging. 


How will I be graded? 

We guarantee YMTT200 graduates will deliver the same quality service and teaching standards as a YM teacher, meaning that you will have to work hard for that shiny cert at the end of the program… and it is possible to fail. We have every confidence, though, that hard workers have the ability to graduate YMTT200-certified!

Final marks for YMTT200 break down to: Participation: 10%; Theory Exam: 30%; Practical Exam: 60%.


Are there any pre-requisites?

There are no prerequisites. However, being familiar to the 6 YM class types will be helpful and your full dedication to the course is essential.


When is the next YMTT200 intake?


·      INTAKE 1: MAR 24 to MAY 27 - COMPLETED

·      INTAKE 2: JUNE 23 to AUG 26 - IN SESSION

·      INTAKE 3: SEPT 15 to NOV 18 


·      INTAKE 1: JAN 19 to MAR 24

·      INTAKE 2: APR 20 to JUNE 23

·      INTAKE 3: JULY 20 to SEPT 22

·      INTAKE 4: SEPT 28 to DEC 1

How much does YMTT200 cost? 

You can count on bang for your buck! Course fees include: an in-house built YMTT200 Student Manual, textbooks by Ray Long, Unlimited classes across YM studios for the duration of the course, brunches by Common Man Coffee Roasters, Coffees and Coffee top-ups catered by Grounded, YMA tote bag, a pro YMTT200 graduation portrait! Woah.

The YMTT200 course fee is $3,900, inclusive of GST. Payment can be made in full, or in three instalments of $1,300. Full payment and refund requests must be made by your course intake’s cut-off date as follows:


·      INTAKE 2: JUNE 23 to AUG 26 – BY MAY 31

·      INTAKE 3: SEPT 15 to NOV 18 - BY AUG 26


·      INTAKE 1: JAN 19 to MAR 24 - BY DEC 31

·      INTAKE 2: APR 20 to JUNE 23 - BY MAR 31

·      INTAKE 3: JULY 20 to SEPT 22 - BY JUNE 30

·      INTAKE 4: SEPT 28 to DEC 1 - BY SEPT 8

I’m in! How can I sign up?

Pop in to any of our 6 YM studios to register at the front desk.


How can I find out more?

Contact us at academy@yogamovement.com.

Explore the YMTT200 Program Schedule for the Daily Schedule and Course Overview.