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Tips & Tricks

Making a Damn Good Day

June 02, 2016

There never seem to be enough hours in a day - but where does the time go?! We'll give you three guesses at the culprit:
1) A scandalous cover-up of a hole in the space-time continuum
2) A common enemy we all share, who has the ability to time-travel, and he/she is playing us all
3) A lack of time-management skills
Ladies and gentlemen, you may have guessed it though you may not believe it, the answer is Option 3! You and you alone have the power to decide how your time is used. Doesn't feel that way? Fret not - here are easy ways to make the most of your day.

Even if you're hitting zombie-mode by time you reach home, don't call it quits just yet! A few quality minutes tonight can make a major difference tomorrow. Take a breather, then put all those to-do's swimming round your head to paper, properly remove your makeup - anything that would otherwise weigh on you tomorrow. Knowing everything is settled when your slightly-sleepier head hits the pillow beats feeling flustered and wondering "did I forget something" tomorrow.

As a species, we seem to have a design flaw: we put off the things we don't want to do. While it's a natural behaviour, it's a counter-productive one! You still have to get it done in the end... with the added bonus of having stressed about it longer! Scratching the things you'd rather avoid off the to-do list first means time to spare for the things you do enjoy! So whenever you have a challenge to face, remember getting to it sooner than later might be best!

When you have an obligation, you might as well give it your all! Would you benefit from revising a little more for that upcoming test? Or preparing a little more for that meeting? Could you fit in one more training session for that race you signed up for? It tends to be more fun facing the music with the confidence of knowing you are showing up at your best. Don't just cruise through what life throws at you! Surprise yourself with how much you're capable of, because there are few feelings better than impressing yourself.