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Are you a #Nomophobic?

August 26, 2016

Do you fall asleep with your phone, or check it as soon as you wake up? During the day, is your attention on your phone... instead of the real-life person across from you? Is your most serious relationship actually with your phone?!

Singapore has more smartphone users than any other country on earth, so it's next to impossible to totally escape... but when is enough, enough? Around the world, a growing number of people are feeling anxiety, or even fear, of having no smartphone, i.e. what is now being called #nomophobia. Take a look through these 10 True/False questions to see how your own behaviour stacks up... and if you need to draw the line with your phone!

Do you focus on your phone more than the world around you?

Do you focus on your phone more than the world around you?

  1. Not having my phone on me makes me anxious!
  2. I compulsively check for notifications.
  3. Sometimes I feel vibrations or hear my phone ring... but then there isn't any actual notification. 
  4. I keep my phone charged... because I am scared of a dead-battery situation.
  5. I'd feel uncomfortable leaving an area if it meant losing phone service.
  6. I sleep with my phone.
  7. I start my day by checking my phone.
  8. My phone and I are bathroom buddies.
  9. I forgot my phone at home! I have to go back to get it.
  10. I don't notice things happening around me... miss parts of conversations... sometimes bump into people while walking...because I'm on my phone.

If you answered true to...

  • 3 or fewer: You're a legend.
  • 4-7: It's time to cut back! Keep an eye on how you're letting your smart phone affect your life. Try simple steps like switching your phone to airplane mode when you know you should be going to sleep.
  • 8-10: No excuses, it's time to bite the bullet. You're on the cusp of entering the world where babies going to therapy for screen addictions, and people say they'd chose their phone over toothbrush for a week (no jokes, those are really things happening in our world today). Do as above, but create yourself #nophonezones (like bed). You're in need of a detox!