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Tips & Tricks

Bird of Paradise

October 07, 2016

Bird of Paradise has a deceptively chill name... it's quite a load to get into this posture! That said, it also brings with it a load of benefits when done right! Practice this one to open hips, strengthen core and back, and lengthen hamstrings! 

Preparing for Bird of Paradise
Start by getting into Side Angle Pose, with your right toes pointing forward and left foot turned in. Keep your back leg firm and straight. To prep your hips and shoulders, move into a half bind by wrapping your left arm into a half bind.

Transiting into Bird of Paradise 
Turn your head to look down towards the ground, and step your left foot halfway forward. Check in on your balance, and step your left foot parallel to your right foot. 

Keep your gaze focused on one point on the ground, shift your weight onto your left foot, as you lift your right heel off the mat. Spread your weight evenly on your standing foot. Find stability and move slowly as you bring yourself into an upright position, with lifted knee bent. 

Extending into Bird of Paradise 
Once you are standing up, lift your chest and draw your shoulder blades back and down, towards the back of your ribs. Exhale slowly and extend your right leg as much as possible without collapsing your shoulders. Then, FINALLY, come out of the pose the same way you went in!