Let's get Wild!

June 21, 2016

Wild Thing. This posture’s got hands-down the coolest name (and is a strengthening, heart-opening, fully-body stretch and balance) – what else could you need!?

It is the pose of poses for opening up your body. Done correctly, it even has mental benefits spanning alleviation of mild depression to sensations of ecstasy! That physical and mental levity requires loads of work though, and is dependent on you beginning with a solid foundation. Master the set-up of your Wild Thing, to ensure you get all the juicy benefits at any level of the pose!

Step 1: Wait to get properly Wild!
The light, free feeling that comes with Wild Thing results from distributing your body’s weight to where it typically isn’t. It’s an arm balance that needs utmost support from your wrists, draws loads from your shoulder and upper body strength, and demands lift from the hips.

It’s not a great idea to go from 0 to 100 in any kind of exercise, and this is definitely one to warm up for! Don’t skip preparing areas that will bear the brunt of your weight – i.e. wrists, shoulders, hips!

Step 2: Go Wild (not Crazy)
Keep control in your pose! Try this approach for building your strongest Wild Thing foundation:

  • Start grounded on your bum, with right leg extended straight ahead and foot pointed. Bend your left knee to your chest.
  • Plant your right hand behind your right bum cheek, aligned to its shoulder. Send your left fingertips up to the sky.
  • Press into your feet and right hand, to lift your hips and chest.

Don't over do it!
Pushing down on all your foundation points evenly prevents overworking any one spot. Play around with other ways to make the posture work for your body! See how far your planted hand needs to be from your bum, to best help you lift. Try turning the extended foot on its side, to take pressure off of it. Do you have the space to arch your back and let your head hang? Play around with it, and play some more!