That Awkward Moment... Yoga Teacher Edition

November 02, 2016

For the most part, being a yoga teacher is a sweet gig. Your schedule is flexible, work clothes are workout clothes, you're always meeting cool new people... the list goes on. But, like in any job, sometimes less-than-awesome experiences come with the turf. 

We asked YM teachers for their best bad stories... the sometimes awkward, sometimes ugly, sometimes #whatevenisthis moments that come with being a yoga teacher... enjoy!

  • "I teach a lot of inversions and arm balances, hence tend to support my students a lot physically... so, unfortunately, getting kicked in the nose and having people fart in my face are part of my job."

  • "I was at a club and heard somebody shouting my name...  a student had chased me down to ask/tell me 'Oh... so yoga teachers think it's okay to go out then?' Yeah, of course! We have lives, too! #Judged."

  • "People think that we’re doctors... then get alarmed when they have medical concerns that we don't feel comfortable prescribing remedies to."
  • "Those who don't think teaching yoga is a real job - like they think you must be doing it as a side job - and like to say so."

  • "When students bring phones into the room, and then they throw you shade for asking them to follow the rules!"

  • "BO... it's seriously one of the biggest drawbacks of this job that I love so dearly." 

  • "Sometimes you get farted on... sometimes you see private parts due to lack of underwear."
  • "Loads of people assume you're supposed to be a calm, levitating yogi. So when you're less than 100% happy everybody's shocked."

  • "Anybody who has a good social media following and loads of handstand pics seems 'qualified' to be a teacher nowadays."

Thank you Alicia, Selina, Georgia, DJ, and Coral for soundbites, and lovely Amy for making anything look good!