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The Quarter Life Crisis

September 08, 2016

So, it happened. You entered the world of #adulting... but instead of being psyched to be in "the real world", you're more focused on the fact that you don't really know who you are... or what you're meant to be doing... or how to do things "right". 

If you're feeling lost, anxious or even depressed, don't worry, it's totally normal. These are just the trademark symptoms of a Quarter Life Crisis. There's no skipping past it, so read on to learn how to ride its waves a little smoother... 

...is, to be blunt, an identity crisis. Changing from school to career, moving out and paying rent, and realising that you're closer to parenting-age than your own childhood, are all common triggers of a Quarter Life Crisis.

It makes sense! These life changes shift the rules of life you're used to playing by. It can also be scary realising that no referee will step in as the game continues to change, even if it starts to feel unfair. So when you're daydreaming of simpler times, or freaked out wondering "What the hell am I doing with my life?!" rest assured it's totally normal, and you're not the only one feeling this way... Plus, 

The world is a pretty #judgey place. Older folks may still see you as a kid, and kids see you as a grown up... so you may be treated as both! On top of that, our #millennial generation's got a bad rap. Depending on who you talk to, this label could get you pegged as anything from lazy, to entitled, to tech-addicted. 

These mixed signals can lead to feeling like a #pretendgrownup, which again makes perfect sense! Accepting every role the world expects of you will leave you feeling like a phoney. So be your own agent, and only entertain the role that suits you. Once you've figured that out...

Make a genuine effort by letting go of any expectations Disney set. You're not a prince or princess about to stumble upon a literally magical life! There will be bumps in the road, and you'll need to work hard toward your happy ending. 

Learn to be emotionally intelligent to keep going strong. It allows you to understand your feelings, without losing control and giving in to them. Once you nail that, you will begin to realise you're better off...

Because a sure-fire truth of making it in the real world is that wholeness trumps happiness. I.e. doing what is good for you overall is more important than feeling good in any given moment.

So embrace the fact that you're a little anxious right now! You're taking ownership over the challenges in front of you. And guess what? The challenges you face as an adult will get harder, but you can do it. Just remember what you're not alone in what you're going through, that you're stronger than you know, and that you know how to get through this, so...