Bodies of Art

July 06, 2016

It is in our nature to judge others quickly. We meet people and, within just seconds, form enduring impressions of them. But our system is flawed! It takes time to understand the context of a person, and how their words and actions are reflective of them.

So - when a picture’s worth a thousand words, and a book can’t be judged by its cover – how much can we tell about a person by their body art? Take a look through some of the ink from around YM, and see how well you can guess who the tattoos belong to, what they mean, and if your perceptions of the owners change at all!

"Growing up my parents didn't show any aversion toward tattoos. Only after I got my first did I realise they were totally not ok with their daughter getting inked. Whoops. No #ragrets at all, though. It's fun to collect pieces from artisits you fancy! But the ॐ on my ribs took an excruciating 90 minutes. I kept fidgeting, it hurt like a b*tch. Completely far from Zen!" 

-Tricia, YM Team

"I was always super intrigued by tattoos, but I was raised with pretty old school views. My family associated them with gangsters, prisoners … actually, a few weeks ago a student told me she’d been afraid to attend my classes because she thought my tattoos made me look like a scary person!

But, to me, it’s not like that! Some pieces are there as reminders for things you strongly believe in. Some are just things that you have fallen in love with. My tattoos are from the Sandman series and the graphic novel The Dream Hunters! I think there’s such magic in them! Whenever I feel down, I reread them. They represent the ability to keep a calm demeanor and remain fearless despite being threatened." 

-Amanda, YM Teacher 

"I have a total of eleven tattoos. No regrets. Yet! My mom tells me I look like a scrapbook all the time – and it has some truth, my tattoos are reminders of things that are important.

Getting adorned by ink has simply been an intimate and spiritual act, although not necessary, to embed the mantras I live by deeply. One example is my finger tattoos – they are the sun and moon. It is believed that the right side of our body represents our masculine energies, and our left our feminine. It’s a reminder to keep them both in balance in all I do." 

-Ruth, YM Team

"Each tattoo represents a period of my life, and how I expressed myself at each stage. Most were spur of the moment, impromptu decisions! I used to travel with a group of friends who liked getting tattoos in every country we visited together. The most recent one took four hours in Bangkok with a guy who spoke very little English! It is a lotus flower floating amongst the waves contained in a square – it symbolises peace and tranquility amongst stormy seas.

So far I’ve spent about a thousand dollars on my tattoos… I would not say I regret any of them, but there is one on my chest I would not get it again in another life!"

-Val, YM Teacher