Yoga Is The Movement

June 21, 2017

The meeting table in Yoga Movement's office gets crowded nowadays, but that's only recently become the case... Five years ago, a few of us poured our life savings into building the YM Life, and meetings were held in studios between classes while we saved up again.

Our growing team is a testament to the amazing support around YM Life, and its belief that yoga is a good deed to do for ourselves, versus a takeover lifestyle. Yoga Is The Movement that connects us to the most amazing experiences off the mats, too... experiences that we want to share with YMers as much as yoga classes. That's why we're sending a lucky duo down for a free Bali Trip for Two... and it's bound to be as awesome a ride as the one in the pictures below. 

Opening the OG | Yoga Movement Carpenter Street

Keeping that yoga game strong | #yogaeverydamnday

YM Life | Food x friends x travel

YM Fam | Family gatherings

Studio-building skills down pat | Yoga Movement East Coast

YM Life as told by YMers | I.e. Stolen IG posts

Whether you find yourself in these few photos or not, thanks to each person who have helped us make now five years of memories! Here's to the next five...