Don't Buy Our Water!

April 22, 2017

Water is life... but the irony of how we too-often consume it amasses landfills and oceans with plastic bottles.

We're not ones to shout out rules to live by, which is why Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are words we've always practiced versus preached. In the spirit of being mindful on Earth Day, though, we hope you'll consider the difference between CONVENIENT and CONSCIENCE choices. 

YM strongly encourages you not to buy our water, and to instead enjoy the privilege of Singapore's drinkable tap water! Carrying a reusable bottle is an easy, healthy habit we hope takes shape in and out of the studios! 

While YM will always consider being mindful a personal responsibility, versus drilling it as a corporate policy, do note that YM makes no profit off of offering water (we only continue to do so because Monster Hot classes can be just that). We will always charge $1 as a deterrent... so please, go spend that money instead on a rad, reusable bottle!

The Team