Keep At It

October 17, 2017

As far as we're concerned, every trip down to the mats counts as a win... though it may not feel that way, especially when you're starting out. You follow unfamiliar instructions to move in unfamiliar ways, the mirror misses no ungraceful moments, and progress can feel slow.

The struggle is real! It takes time to build a solid yoga practice, and there are no shortcuts. Rest assured, though, that when you keep at it you will keep improving. Scroll down for motivational tips from our teachers, and get yourself back on the mats to push Beyond Basics this month!

"There is no need to compare your Chapter 1 with someone else’s Chapter 20."  - Janet
"You don’t need to be strong or flexible to do yoga... yoga will help you get strong and flexible."  - Bruce
"If you're not sure about anything, it's ok! Just ask after class!"  - Mel
"Be curious about what your body can do! Expect to explore, don't expect perfection." - Vera
"Trust the process... in time you will be surprised by how your body (and mind) can respond." - Daphne
"You're a clean slate! Give yourself time to build up a strong foundation." - Dom
"Even Rome wasn't built in a day." - DJ
"Take yourself seriously... but yoga less so!" -Jeanie
"Yoga is a release from the "real world". You don’t have put too much pressure on yourself to do it all perfectly on the mat." - Jess