In Black & White : Henry Golding

July 21, 2017

You've likely seen this YMer on TV as much as you've seen him at the Robertson Quay studio munching on Grounded's Redemption Bowls. Henry Golding's down-to-earth vibe won't give it away, but expect to see him next starring in Warner Bros. film adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians! Read on to get to know Henry behind the scenes. 

Over the past few years, you've been traveling the world to host Discovery Channel's Discovering Borneo and BBC's The Travel Show. How did you land not one, but two global gigs?
I actually trained as a hairdresser, before getting my first big break on ESPN's Castrol Football crazy. I then got onto a production called Welcome to Rail World... it was nominated at the Asian Television Awards, and eventually led to my first foray into this career of travel hosting.

Hairdresser to host is one leap, and host to actor is yet another! What triggered your recent step over into acting in your first film?
I'd been studying to be an actor when the opportunity to host The Travel Show arose, and it was a chance I couldn’t pass up. After six odd years in that routine, though, I've hit my limit for the wild!

The move to film is a delayed return to that goal. Acting and film require such different sets of skills than hosting. With acting it’s all about reacting, and the multitude of techniques you can draw upon to bring those experiences to life. 

They say success is in the doing, not the getting. So, while it's undoubtedly an accomplishment to make your film debut as male lead of Crazy Rich Asians, what's your greatest takeaway along the way?
In life, if you’re doing something that doesn’t inspire you or invigorate you, you’re on the wrong track. I’m in a stage of monumental changes, like changing careers, turning 30, getting married… so, it's the fact that I’m lucky to have the opportunity to have a natural progression in front of me, and an ability to put a plan into action.

Yes, you're recently married into the YM Fam! How did that storyline develop? 
I’m married to Liv, who many readers know from her teaching at Yoga Movement. We met on 1/1/11 on a night out when I was based between KL/SG, and Liv was living in Tokyo. Work has clearly kept us both quite transient, but we have a rhythm and ongoing conversation of where we’ll stay because we don’t have “home”, just “bases” that best suit our goals. We’re the same free spirit in that way.

Birds of a feather flock together... is your yoga practice schedule the same as Liv's teaching schedule?
Actually back in 2008, my roommate had her own yoga studio and I got into my own yoga habit then. I go to classes quite frequently to work on my relatively lazy posture, and I’ve been keeping it up at YM, and try to hit Basics classes! I love just concentrating on the challenge of doing poses correctly, and the odd Zen class to just chill out. 

So glad you've navigated back toward the things that inspire you most, Henry! Can't wait to see you on the big screen soon. 

*Image Credits: Discovery Channel, BBC