The Next Waves | YMTT

April 17, 2017

The Essential Level Yoga Movement Teacher Training is five weeks of carefully planned lessons, practices and meals... but our students' incredible enthusiasm and work ethic enriched our March session beyond what we even hoped for!

The crew's transformation from strangers to friends, and from YMTT-students to YM-teacher-applicants, inspires us to keep the experience rolling with our next sessions in July and October 2017!

Our schedule has been updated, but the crux of the program is the same: regardless of where you're at in your personal yoga practice, graduates of the Essential Level YMTT are certified to be able to teach all YM classes, to YM standards. Weekends will see students taking morning yoga practices, receiving tailored feedback, enjoying brunches catered by Grounded, and studying Essential teaching topics. On weekdays, students will complete a minimum of three yoga classes to supplement these learnings and improve their personal practices. 

Take note... that means it is possible to fail! But rest assured, by working with a rotation of YM teaches as their areas of expertise arise, you're learning from the best! Plus, you'll be provided with:

  • YMTT curated Course Manual
  • Top-of-the-line textbooks
  • Weekly face-time with teachers for tailored feedback
  • Unlimited Yoga at all YM studios
  • Brunches catered by Grounded
  • Rad YMTT takeaways

Check our Academy page for YMTT program specifics... better yet, ask a fresh Essential Level YMTT Grad or see their feedback here!