The Lawn | Bali

March 20, 2017

It's hard for us to be objective about Bali... we're suckers for beaches, sunshine, and white smiles against dark tans. We sent some of our all star team away to soak up a healthy dose of it all, topping the getaway off with our favourite form of a chill Bali night... a session at The Lawn in Canggu!

The beachside lounge is a spot to hit, whether you're still mellow from a massage or getting ready for a big night. Hang out on the lawn itself if you want wade into water between bites, and have the ocean's waves breaking as the soundtrack to your night. Otherwise, grab a table or hit the bar to listen to the live band. 

The menu puts twists on classic favourites... and we caution visitors on the Truffled Mushroom Bruschetta, Crispy Lemon Squid, and Coconut Mojitos. We've never been able to stick to just one order of these. Ever.

At the end of the day, what really ties the long and breezy evenings together is kicking back to watch the blue sky transform into a blazing sunset over the ocean. You'll get an amazing show, and the kind of golden light that makes for epic shots. Don't worry, nobody will judge if snap a million photos with your friends... everybody around you will probably be doing the same!

For more info, hit http://thelawncanggu.com/.
*Feature images from The Lawn.