Yoga Movement Academy

January 31, 2017

So, you've noticed you're getting good at this yoga stuff... you remember to ground yourself evenly into your mat, to move in sync with your breath, and may even be getting into postures you were once sure your body wouldn't allow. 

Awesome... now challenge yourself to another level of practice! Yoga Movement Academy's two programs - Level Up and the Essential Level YMTT - are the next steps you can take. See which best fits you below!

Level Up...

...is a specialised two-hour session, that focuses on a specific theme. 

These sessions are designed to teach why you're doing postures specific ways, as much as they are to help you nail how to do them. That's why most sessions have one lead teacher, with another assistant teacher who will adjust your postures along the way. 

Level Ups are held regularly across studios on weekends, giving you plenty of chances to master different elements of your practice. Suggestions for topics welcome!

The Essential Level YMTT...

...is our 5 week Yoga Movement Teacher Training program. At the end of this program, you will understand the essentials of being a quality yoga teacher, and how to teach YM classes to YM standards.

You'll be provided unlimited YM classes throughout the program to keep improving your practice on weekdays, and spend weekends learning how to lead a yoga class! Saturdays and Sundays will see you taking morning practices, followed by a debrief to understand the mechanics of the flow you took. After a brunch catered by Grounded, you'll have interactive lessons on topics essential to being a clear, safe and good teacher. That means lessons doesn't stop at memorisation of facts... you will have hands-on training for using your voice, making modifications to students, managing rooms, and more! 

The Essential Level YMTT is just around the corner, starting March, 2017! For program specifics, check our Academy page at yogamovement.com/academy.