Firebake | East Coast

March 30, 2017

We're not what you would call hardcore foodies. For real... if it's tasty, we'll eat it. That said, most days we try to go for hearty, healthy options. 

So we're lucky that our neighbour at East Coast studio, Firebake (i.e. the ones responsible for the delicious smell of bread that greets you each visit), base their whole existence on making wholesome foods. You can see their commitment to keeping food "real" every step of the way, from grains being milled in front of you, to baking in the 5,000 odd bricks that amount to Singapore's first full-scale woodfire oven.  

If you think their process sounds old-fashioned, you're right... they bring everything back to basics. Firebake breads are made with just four all-natural ingredients: organic flour, wholegrains milled onsite, non-processed and non-iodised salt, and Nordaq Fresh water. 

Even the materials that make up the restaurant are consciously natural... their flourmill is made of wood and stone, volcanic stones slate the ovens, the stoves and cookware are cast-iron, and furnishings are made of recycled and reclaimed wood.

The owner, Konstantino Blokbergen (call him Tino), hails from a family of restaurateurs and hoteliers, and is a 25-year veteran of hospitality and F&B. His grandfather was an artisan baker in Greece, his father was a Michelin-star chef in Switzerland, and Tino himself was trained as a chef in French cuisine at the 3-Michelin-star Restaurant Fredy Giradet. 

While the bulk of his career has been aligned with big names like Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, Raffles Hotel in Singapore, and Resorts World Singapore, Tino's European roots on farms and olive tree groves ingrained a passion for woodfire cooking and sourdough breadmaking, and a devotion to natural, high quality, whole ingredients. 

Firebake is his opportunity to finally realise a long-held dream of "back to basics" cooking with a more "human touch".

As much as we recommend tasting the results for yourself, we suggest chatting with the friendly Firebake team to understand just how thought-out each detail of your meal was: from the reason your bread was baked in an oven made with four different types of bricks, to why no electricity or gas was used to cook your main... a trip here will be a treat for the mouth and the mind.

*Images provided by Firebake