YMTT Soundbites

March 27, 2017

At the beginning of March, 13 students from 6 countries began the 5-week Essential Level Yoga Movement Teacher Training program. On Day 1, they didn't know each other or exactly what to expect. But now that they're more than half way through, YMTT students are weighing in on the experience of learning how to teach YM classes to YM standards... and all that comes with it!


"Before the program started I was quite apprehensive... I can't do arm balances, and was scared that meant I couldn't handle YMTT. I didn't want to be falling over alone, but I showed up and everybody has been so encouraging! Anybody can do this."
- Khang Ling


"Taking my YTT meant lots of memorising information like in school... but coming out of YMTT means knowing that kind of information, plus having practical skills like room management, how to engage your students, and how to create good experiences. It's an enhancement."
- Kin


"We understand our own bodies better now, which makes our practice even better. Now I know how to watch my own alignment... it really helps as a student!"
- Elvy


"We have a big supportive group. There are no egos here. All of the students and teachers are very inclusive... everybody wants to succeed, and for everybody else to be successful."
- Erin


"When we meet up on weekends, we talk about how we're starting to see how teachers come up with sequences, and how they modify for students' different levels of flexibility, strength, etc. We're starting to see classes from a teacher's perspective!"
- Brenda
"The YMTT group pushes each other to do what we came here to do... to get better as students and teachers. For the last two years if headstand was introduced in class I'd just hang out in a fold... but everybody's support helped me to do it this weekend! We make each other realise we can do anything!"
- Farah


"The food is very yummy... and so many coffees! There is even fruit and granola every day, and special drinks we didn't ever ask for. Everything about the program makes me feel so healthy."
- Esther