Addressing the Monster in the Room

September 28, 2018

Are you intimidated by the Monster in Monster Hot? Rumour has it that the Monster refers to a warmer temperature in the room, or a more intense practice due to the longer duration. Well, both claims are false! Here's some history behind the name "Monster Hot"...

Back in 2012, the Carpenter Street Studio was our only Yoga Movement location. Due to the overwhelming response of Monster Hot, we had to merge the two practice rooms (yes, the mirrors slide open to the other side) to create a monster room that could accommodate all our students. Now with six studios to attend classes at, the problem has been squashed... but the name "Monster Hot" has stuck around to refer to our only 90-minute hot class at YM. 

To ease your worries, here's the low-down of what exactly goes on in a Monster Hot class...

Monster Hot is the only 90-minute class at Yoga Movement, but that doesn't mean it's tougher than all our other class types! To put things into perspective, a Monster Hot class has an intensity level of four out of five — that's the same intensity as a Core class, but less intense than or HIIT Yoga. The most challenging portion of the class is the standing sequence in the first 45-minutes. Once you get past that, you'll breeze through the rest of the class! And like all our other classes, Monster Hot is a multi-levelled class that's fit for Newbies and regulars alike.

As its name suggests, Monster Hot is a hot class, but it's not set at a higher temperature than our other hot classes. At YM, the temperature of all our hot classes, including Monster Hot, range from 38-40 degrees. However, external factors such as the size of the room, the number of students practicing, and the temperature outdoors play a part in the actual temperature of the heated room. 

Monster Hot is a fixed sequence of 26 poses. These 26 poses are repeated twice to allow you to go deeper in the pose the second time around. The pose names might differ slightly from the what you're familiar with at your regular yoga class. For example, Half Moon pose in the Monster Hot sequence is a side bend, whereas the Half Moon pose in our other classes is a balancing pose. Most of the postures in the Monster Hot sequence focus on stretching the back rather than the hamstrings. For example, in a Pyramid Pose, think of reaching your forehead to knee instead of forehead to shin. The only pose in Monster Hot where we want to keep the spine long to focus on our hamstrings is the Seated Forward Fold.

Half Moon pose in a Monster Hot class

Half Moon pose in all other classes

The 26 postures is great for back strengthening as there is an entire portion dedicated to the spine. It's also a good style of yoga for those with wrist injuries — as there are no weight bearing poses. Practicing the same sequence means that you get to track your progress with every Monster Hot class you attend!

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