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Tips & Tricks

Advance Your Basics II: Arm Balances

October 21, 2018

So you've got those guns of steel ready from our first series of Advance Your Basics I: Stretch and Strengthen? Great! We're moving into arm balances, and those Low Push Ups are gonna come in handy!

Balancing on your hands is all about weight shift, and finding that sweet spot where you can enjoy lightness in the pose... and just hanging out there for a few breaths! You'll often find that your hips get in the way of your arm balances taking flight —well, that's where your arms come into play. By actively pushing the floor away, you'll be able to lift your hips higher, and find more hang time in the pose. Blocks are your friends: use them to help curb your fear of face-planting, or to give you more elevation. Arm balances can be pretty strenuous on your wrists, so remember to stretch them out after your practice!

If you want to Crow...

Grab a block and work those triceps!

Warm your hips up in a Full Squat — we're aiming to have our knees on top of, or on the outsides of our triceps in Crow! Place a block about an arm's length in front of you on the mat. Press your palms into the mat, come onto your tippy toes and lift your hips high. Shift your weight forward so that your forehead touches the block. When you feel stable, lift one foot off the ground, and work towards lifting the other foot!

If you want to get into Firefly...

Work on your Shoulder-Pressing pose with two blocks.

Begin in a Full Squat (pictured above in Crow). Place two blocks behind your ankles — the blocks will help you find that added lift! Lift your hips up and move your shoulders underneath your thighs. You'll want to get the thighs as high as possible on your upper arm. Press both palms firmly onto the blocks. Shift your weight forward and lift one foot off the mat, then the other; and hook both feet. 

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