I did yoga for the first time... and completed all 7 class types!

August 24, 2018

We're more than three weeks into our New Limits challenge... and many of you have already earned all 7 stamps and received 2 FREE classes for completing your New Limits stamp card! Some of you are even pushing through your third stamp card — killin' it for those FREE classes! 

The team at Yoga Movement have also participated in the challenge, and no one is let off the hook — not even our directors, or Front Desk hustlers... So when we heard that our new Carpenter Street Front Desk, Yong Zhi, had never tried yoga before, we thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for an in-depth introduction. Being our first ever male Front Desk in six years, he wasn’t gonna have it easy, so we put him through a rite of passage that involved attending all 7 class types in two weeks... on top of manning the studio full time. Being the sport that he is, he readily took on the challenge!

Judging from Yong Zhi's tanned, lean physique, you could probably guess that he had already been somewhat active. True enough, he's an avid sprinter who does plenty of weight and bodyweight training in his own time to complement his runs — that's self-discipline right there. However, being used to self-trainings, group classes were almost a first for Yong Zhi, "There's just no distractions when you workout in a studio — no phones, and you can't hit that pause button on YouTube. You receive proper alignment cues, and instructors help you get deeper into the pose," he adds, 

"It's one thing to follow a workout on a screen, and a whole different experience when you come to class in person."

Despite being a yoga newbie, he wowed us with a middle split that made us green with envy. "I'm somehow just naturally flexible!", he laughs. After having a taste of all 7 classes, he declares his favourites to be Basics and Zen, as they are complementary to the more active sports he takes part in. 

To Yong Zhi, yoga is a form of recovery and a test on mobility and body awareness. He explains how yoga classes, especially more stagnant but strong classes like Core and Power, expose our imbalances in our bodies when we engage certain muscles that we use less frequently. He says, "Core was unexpected for me. When you think of Core, you'd normally think of abs... but it was a lot more than that. Core was all about trunk stability and plenty of leg work," he continues, 

"It made me realise that the core is not how it looks, but how it works. Only when we are aware of our weaker side, are we able to correct our postures outside of class."

When Yong Zhi is not in recovery mode, he enjoys an occasional HIIT Yoga class for its energy... and the high you get from feeding off the energy of others, "HIIT Yoga really is for everyone, because interval workouts are as hard as you make it to be!" And this, he learnt, applied to all classes at YM. He sums up his experience, "There are different benefits to every class, and the classes at YM caters to everyone across all levels — yogi or not — as long as they are willing to try!"

Been putting off certain class types on your New Limits stamp card? Be rest assured — you're never too "Newbie" to try our classes! Earn your 7 stamps by August 31... and get 2 FREE classes! Learn more here.