On the MOVE... with Tiffany

January 18, 2018

Hi Tiffany! We actually discovered your works as the artist Lovage before we discovered you as a YMer on our mats! What's behind the Lovage name?
Lovage, a.k.a sea parsley, is a perennial plant that is used as an ingredient in food and medicine. I chanced upon the word years back, and really liked how it sounded like "love", so I decided to look it up. It turned out that "lovage" refers to plants, and as an artist who loves plants and regularly centers my art around them it just felt right. It stuck ever since.

What's the scope of your art? Do you have a favourite medium?
I started with pencil at a very young age, picked up a camera (or many, rather) in secondary school, and dabbled all along the way with other forms of visual creation, no matter what the medium. While my artistic style is continually evolving, I have always had a constant interest with the human body and psyche along with botanicals... nature in general I suppose. Human Nature and Mother Nature.

So your art mirrors the media and subjects that move you at any given point in time?
Yes, meaning nothing is off limits! I embrace all the opportunities thrown at me. I have illustrated on and photographed helmets, skateboards, boots, and bodies. I have continued to pursue my personal interests as Lovage, alongside working with other local brands... I am keen to see how my work continues to grow as part of the developing creative scene in Singapore.

We're keen, too! What was something that inspired you in 2017 that we can expect to see influence your art?
I recently completed a 7-day hike in the Himalayas. The lack of technology, and being away from civilisation allowed me to fully experience the sublimity and beauty that is Nature. It was romantic, and beautiful beyond words!

A Himilayas hike is no joke! How will you keep on the move more regularly in 2018?
I had a couple of friends introduce me to yoga many years ago, and it's a solid way to build strength for boxing! It will be my goal in 2018 to keep going with these... to listen to my body more, to understand and accept all of my capabilities and shortcomings, and thereby allow myself to push further! 

Glad to hear we'll be seeing even more of you! Happy New Year, Tiffany, we'll catch you on the mats. 

See Tiffany's work, here: http://tiffanylovage.com/