YM's Neighbourhood Food Guide

December 07, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, yoga teachers don’t actually eat kale and drink kombuchas all day… well at least not us! Our teachers know exactly how to indulge, and the wide array of food choices in our neighbourhoods don’t help in curbing those cravings. Since no one knows our neighbourhoods better than our teachers, we got the team’s biggest foodies to talk food, so that we can suss out the best grub in the 'hood. 

We condensed their lengthy food convos, and compiled a list of hidden (and not so hidden) gems in the neighbourhood to help you pick a breakfast, lunch, or dinner spot the next time you head to class! Ready to eat your way through our 6 studios? We are!


“… for their Bircher Muesli and Wicked Peppermint Mocha.” - Selina

“I just went to punch for the first time. The prawn and scallop pasta was divine!” - Faye
“And the brownie cookie with salted caramel buttercream for dessert.” - Collette

Salted Plum
“Super tasty Burnt Chilli Chicken Rice Bowl. Think Taiwanese food with a sous vide texture!” - Collette

Wanna Cuppa
“They do an outstanding soy flat white.” - Cherlene


Açai Beach Club 
"I get my post-class acai fix here. I like that they serve acai from Selva — solid taste and excellent texture!" - Sarah

Curious Palette 
“For waffles and pancakes and all kinds of brunch items!” - Christina


Five Oars Coffee Roasters  
“A new café that’s so good. Try their Halloumi Portobello, and Valrhona Chocolate Pancake!” - Selina

The Green Leaf @ Maxwell  
“… for fragrant nasi lemak. It’s my favourite breakfast, especially when I used to teach at TP a lot!” - Jessica

Hajmeer Kwaja @ Maxwell  
“I second The Green Leaf! Plus Hajmeer Kwaja for Prata and Nasi Goreng.” - Selina

MavRx Coffee Apothecary
"They specialise in coffee... and they do it well! Their coffees are flavourful and strong — just the way I like it!" - Dom

The Botanist  
“They do an amazing French toast, which is probably meant for two to share, but hey, I can manage it…” - Christina


Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice @ Seng Poh Road  
“The pork belly. The pork cutlet. The dual-flavoured gravy…” - Brenda

Ah Chiang’s Porridge @ Tiong Poh Road 
"I love the old school, no-frills vibe. The porridge is slow-cooked over charcoal fire, especially heartwarming after early morning class." - Angeline

Plain Vanilla  
“Cupcakes. ‘nuff said” - Samantha 
“Specifically their banana bread!” - Adel 
“But guys, you have to try PV’s salted caramel cupcakes.” - Sarah 
“… and honeycomb tart!” - Christina 
“Eat all their Christmas-themed cupcakes while they're in season! Super drool-worthy!” - Cherlene

Forty Hands  
“Tau Sar Bao, yum yum.” – Dom 
“So good, we need a bao emoji” - Sarah

“… for their orange cinnamon mocha. That’s my favourite coffee anywhere!” - Lauren 


Kith Café  
“Reasonably priced sandwiches and brunch-y food.” - Christina

“Good ambience, and great food — especially their hummus!” - Yun Ru
“The hummus at Summerlong is amazeballs!” - Christina

“Home to my favourite acai bowl in Singapore.” - Selina

Common Man Coffee Roasters  
“Two words. French Toast.” - Selina

Super Loco  
“… for churros, tacos, and especially their Cangrejo (blue swimmer crab) Tostadas!” - Selina


Soon Soon Huat Curry Puffs 
“Flakey curry puffs, nasi lemak, and deep fried green bean sesame balls are to die for!” - Brenda
“The uncle and aunty who run the stall are the BEST!” - Daphne
“The best nasi lemak.” - Tammy 

Glory Catering  
“So satisfying, it warms your belly... but prepare for a carb crash right after.” - Collette

Project Acai 
“The best treat after a hot class!” - Linda

Carrot Cake @ Brunners Coffeeshop 
“It’s always crispy, and the carrot cake cubes are just the right size. They’re generous with the eggs, and the chilli is great!” - Brenda

Nine-Thirty by Awfully Chocolate 
“The best cakes I’ve ever eaten? Their Nutella Tart and Superstacked Chocolate Cake.” - Collette 

Jai Siam 
“For authentic Thai Food. Their Chicken Basil Rice is to-die-for — bonus points for brown rice option — and their Pad Thai is also so damn good.” - Selina

“This convo is making me fat… I have to try all these recommendations.” - Christina
“Well, I can recommend a good yoga place nearby ;)” - Selina