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class pack

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Towel-To-Borrow $1 | Bottled Water $1

The Fine Print

• Unfortunately, we don't do free trials – but if you really like your first class and choose to get a package with us, your first class will be complimentary! If not, it'll be a simple single class fee for your practice.
• You'll need to pay a one-time $2 fee for your Yoga Movement ID tag, but if you've liked our Yoga Movement Facebook page, you'll get your tag for FREE!

• Enjoy 6 months to get through all your classes! If you're sick or travelling for more than 7 consecutive days, we'll put your package on hold for that amount of time – provided you show us some documentation to support your absence. If you don't get through all your classes within the 6 months, you'll have the option of buying a new package and rolling your expired classes over! Please note that all our packages are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-extendable.
• You can make class bookings up to 3 days in advance; either online, by phone, or email. If you can't make the class, please cancel your booking online or contact us to cancel it for you.
• You'll need to be early for class, not on time…early! Your booked mat can be given away to students on the waiting list five minutes before the class starts. There is no Grace Period after the class begins, and you'll not be able to join the practice after the start time.

* All prices inclusive of GST.