• Signing Up for Yoga Movement
First-time students to Yoga Movement can create a student account and book classes through our Schedule page.

• Trials for First-Timers
Yoga Movement does not offer free class trials for first-timers, and they will be charged a single class fee upon attending one. However, if they decide to get a package after their first class, that first class will be complimentary.

• Yoga Movement Package Ownership
A Yoga Movement package can only be enjoyed by the buyer of the package, and not shared with any other third party (including family members and friends). However, if the family member or friend signs up for a package through the buyer's recommendation, the buyer will get a free class added to his/her package under Yoga Movement's referral programme.

All Yoga Movement packages are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-extendable.

• Yoga Movement Package Validity
Owners of a Yoga Movement package have 6 months to get through all their classes. Should they be sick or travelling for more than 7 days, their package will be put on hold for that amount of time; provided documentation (i.e. doctor's note, travel itinerary) is shown to support their absence. Should they not get through all their classes within the 6 months, owners will have the option of taking on a new package and rolling their expired classes over.

• Yoga Movement Class Bookings
Class bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance, either online, by phone or email. If the student cannot make the class for any reason, his/her booking should be cancelled online or by phone a minimum 2 hours before class time to avoid having that class processed.

• Yoga Movement Teachers
Yoga Movement will not be involved or held liable for any misunderstandings or disagreements arising between yoga teacher and student. As a quality control procedure, the studios regularly gather feedback on teachers, and should the Management feel that any of them are deemed unsuitable, they will not be assigned for any classes.

• General Disclaimer
Yoga Movement will not be held responsible for any exceptional, indirect or consequential damages that might arise from the use of this website.